The Hardback and Paperback of U&F Complete, Now on Sale.

OK, here it is, for everyone who doesn't want the two individual ebook volumes of U&F at $2.99 each, I present the paperback and hardback all-in-one volumes.

The hardback is the high-end luxury product, with the paperback as the more affordable option. Yes, they aren't as cheap as stuff you see on Amazon, but remember, there are two novels in one volume, and that's a lot of paper. If U&F were in the hands of a "real" publisher, the books would be edited down to a fraction of the size.

The hardback is priced as it is so I can make a modest profit from any Amazon sales (because Amazon want their cut, too). The paperback is priced as it is because I've kept it OFF Amazon in order to keep the cost down. For this reason, only the hardback has an ISBN (international standard book number, which is what retailers need to sell it in their stores). For both books, discounts exist ONLY at Lulu, and that's where I urge you to buy.

Here are the links ...



Once again, my huge thanks to all the U&F Fundraisers for helping to make this happen. Your names adorn the dedication pages!

Episode 6 - Where is it?

The truth is, I'm still writing it. I'm on my 3rd or 4th re-write, slowly going through it, line by line, making sure it's as good as I can get it. This chapter - episode 6 - was first written over a year ago; the second draft re-wrote it almost entirely to take in new events that found their way into the story in episodes 1-5. And so now, having written all the essential action, I'm editing, tightening up the writing, cutting the flab, the pointless repetitions, etc.

What happens in Blood and Smoke has ramifications that will echo through the next Underwood and Flinch book and those that will come after it, so, as always with the write-to-podcast model, I have to get it right before I podcast it because I can't go back and change it later.

Thank you for bearing with me. I'm writing an average 3 hours a day, every day (after the day job) and I'm getting there. So don't worry, I haven't gone anywhere, and the Moon will rise over Underwood and Flinch in May. Huzzah!!

Blood and Smoke Five is Live

Blood and Smoke, Episode Five is live! Hit the pic for a direct download or to listen live ...

Click the pic for a live link to Episode 5

It's bedtime here, so Good night, Britain / Ireland; good morning, Australia / NZ; and good afternoon USA / USA. I hope you enjoy it.

UFBS Ep 5 - A Taster

Yes, Episode 5 late, but trust me, I have a very good reason. The full episode is about 1/3 finished and should be with you in a few days, until then, please accept this as a tasty little appetiser 

Big, Hard, and Totally Awesome! The U&F Hardback Arrives!!

It arrived early this afternoon. Four years in the writing and another two in the editing, formatting and publishing. Finally, the single biggest achievement of my life lands on my desk - and it's gorgeous! Thanks to M.J. Hahn for the cover artwork, Jason Oh for the author photograph, my wife for her help with proof-reading and formatting, and the gallant contributors to the U&F fundraiser! Huzzah!! Underwood and Flinch rises!!



Blood and Smoke: Episode Two

After a lot of bother with my podcasting host, I can now happily announce that U&F Blood and Smoke, Episode Two, is now live in my main feed. In this episode, Underwood begins the tale of what happened to him and Matthias once they left the vampire's island.

Chapter One: The Journey to Jamaica.

Blood & Smoke 2

Click the pic for a live link to Episode 2

Click here to get a direct link to the MP3

However, as a result of the situation with my podcast host, I've started releasing Blood and Smoke in my Vault of Bennett feed. So as a back-up, it might be an idea to subscribe to that feed too. As a bonus, it also includes all the original Hall of Mirrors episodes without the lengthy intros and old, out of date news ... Which is nice :-)

The Vault of Bennett links are: Podcast Site and iTunes feed.

Ship image by Gleads

Blood and Smoke Begins!

Happy Halloween, Listeners!
Underwood and Flinch: Blood and Smoke - Volume 3 of The Underwood and Flinch Chronicles - has now begun!

Blood & Smoke begins

Click the pic for a live link to Episode 2

The first episode, "Prologue", is now live, and you can download it directly from this link: Blood and Smoke Episode One. Tempting though it is, I'm not going to say anything about it - you'll just have to listen and hear for yourself :-)

The podcast will be a monthly event, and like the original U&F podcast, episodes will be 30 minutes to an hour long.

It'll be in my usual iTunes feed, so if your subscription to that has dried up, you can refresh it here: Underwood@iTunes

And if you're an Android user, you can get it using the U&F Android App

So, what are you waiting for? Download it right now, and give your Halloween night a touch of Underwood and Flinch! Huzzah!!!!